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Parts for Peugeots:  New, Used, and Rebuilt


Peugeot Parts and Accessories    

Visit Peugeot Holm for new and used auto parts specifically for Peugeot automobiles. We also feature used Peugeot automobiles. Located in Plainfield, Vermont, Peugeot Holm offers quality Peugeot auto parts and vehicles at an affordable price.                                                                                                                                    Nationwide Shipping Available on All Parts

Peugeot Auto Parts:
Peugeot Holm can order just about any Peugeot (U.S. Models) parts from any year. If you're
looking for a certain part, let us know so we can order it for you. We deal in original equipment and aftermarket parts as well.

Used Vehicles:
Peugeot Holm also features top-quality used 505 and 405 Peugeot models for you to select from. At any one time, we usually offer about 15 cars ready to go. We feature local mechanic service, so we service the cars we sell locally as well as other cars brought in. Our cars are very moderately priced and usually range from under $3,000.00.

Parts for Peugeot Automobiles From Engines to Tranmissions

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